Adiabatic Cooling


Adiabatic cooling

There are several technical possibilities for the generation of low temperatures that are used to cool down a data center. The conventional cooling method is done by a mechanical cooling with a compressor which produces cold from electrical energy. On the hand cold can also be sourced from nature in order relieve a compressor or even to replace it at times. However, for an increase of cooling capacity without increasing of energy use, adiabatic line cooling can also be a solution

The principle of adiabatic air humidification represents an possibility to increase the cooling capacity of an Air conditioning unit. In moderate climatic zones this method can facilitate to overall abstain from a mechanical refrigeration. Operating costs can therefore be reduced considerably.

The functional principle is based on the cooling effect of evaporation. In a first stage waste air becomes adiabatic saturated with humidity. The air then passes a part of its energy onto the water molecules and loses temperature.

The cooled waste air then runs through heat exchangers (rotor or plate heat exchanger) where warm outdoor air is drawn in, cooled, and then made available for air conditioning of the building.

We would like to help you verify whether the use of the adiabatic lines cooling is advisable for your data center and in how far conventional cooling can be relieved. Of coursewe also will advise you regarding investment costs and energy savings potentials. Don’t hesitate to ask us. We’ll take care of IT.


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