Geothermal cooling


Geothermal cooling

For cooling of a data center, either cryogen or cold water is needed. Cold water can either be produced mechanically by a compressor or by an alternative method. Beside the adiabatic lines' cooling, the cooling with fountain or river water, the adsorption cold and the solar cold the is the possibility of cooling with the help of geothermal energy.

Geothermal energy is most commonly known from the area of the alternative heating methods. A heat pump is used to heat buildings in winter, making use of the temperature differences between the warm ground and the air temperature.

For the cooling of data centers the ground temperature is even more simple utilizable, as the average temperature of the subterrean water in a certain depth doesn’t sway much and lies only some degrees under the permitted room temperature of a data center.

If water (mixed with an antifreeze) is streamed through these layers of soil, it cools down and can be used in cooling data centers.

There are merely the costs of electricity for circulating pumps, the cooling process itself does not consume energy and does not cause costs. Moreover, this type of the cooling is also more environmentally friendly than the cooling by a compressor. Due to the very constant temperature no additional device is needed to support or substitute unlike seasonally swaying cold sources.

Caused by the necessary drillings the investment costs for such a cooling system are higher than conventional solutions. The realization of such a plan also depends on the condition of the ground. Therefore each individual case has to be examined whether and under which circumstances such a solution is more ecologic and also more economic. – We will advise you and support you at the planning and execution of such an air conditioning solution. Don’t hesitate to ask us. We’ll take care of IT


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