DualCooling combines the classic direct expansion cooling systems with a water based cooling method. It is a hybrid system using cold water circuits (CW) and cooling agent based cooling systems (DX) in one interior cooling unit. The ExpansionCooling is thereby used for cooling at higher temperatures and as a redundancy.

The difference to most water based cooling technologies with compact chillers is that the DualCooling uses an effective cold water free cooler, that works up to 18°C without and additional expansion module, cooling on its own while being very efficient.

At higher temperatures, a stepless parallel operation with cooling-agent based redundancies is possible, of course using inverters. This way, the DualCooling method reaches highest efficiency.

The system has 3 pipe systems, 4 control levels, 2N cooling capacity and thus guarantees a higher availability than conventional systems and with only one indoor unit. Thus, you avoid duplication errors and save space in your data center.

Naturally, the system also offers cost advantages: It arise Lower operating costs through the use of indirect free cooling.

In addition, they have lower investment cost compared to conventional cold water cooling due to cost-saving expansion cooling for summer operation and redundant operation. All-in-all an energy-efficient Air conditioning system - made in Germany.

For your individually tailored solution with a DualCooling or an energy-efficient alternative, don't hesitate to contact us!

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