Our philosophy

The innovIT AG – the German data center manufacturer introduces it self

The philosophy
We develop data centers with passion. And we adjust ourselves to new measures daily. Utmost customer value, sustainable environmental aspects, fair treatment and professional innovation are the frequent key components of our daily business.

The Customers
We always want the best solution to protect our customers data and keep their production up and running. A comprehensive service is of essence: Our team constantly stays in touch with our customers to know exactly what they need, so we can react directly in time. Our target: Our customers always have a main contact, who will take care of them from the individual planning process all the way to the start of operation. A highly skilled professional service team will manage all operational aspects afterwards. The customer is key: He can focus on his core business, whilst we deliver. Our ambition: extensive, comprehensive, ready to use..

We create turnkey solutions!

The environment
With our innovative data center solutions we set new standards when it comes to Green IT and focuses especially on efficient consumption of all used recourses. By using highly available and space saving solutions, innovIT customers don’t only noticeably improve their environmental balance, they save verifiable costs for energy and utility space. Our goal: Superior, environmentally sustainable and innovative.

We offer smart data centers!

The Organization
Our success both proves us and leads us to new challenges. “Higher, faster, further” can’t be an option. We focus on continuesly improving ourselves and therefore we carefully listen to our customers and employees. Only by these means we could successfully grow organically and internally adjust to the more complex tasks.An exciting result of our permanent internal organizational work is the conscious decision to live up to the expectations, which come with the term “German data center manufacturer”. Our target: flexible, tailored and fair.

We are innovative industrial art!

The Innovation
Sometimes it’s not necessary to reinvent the world to create something great: Our approaches are so successful, because we combine sustainability and intelligent product structures. We put a lot of thoughts into our products, which we transfer into solid infrastructure for which we are recognized in all company sizes. We on innovative ideas to deliver the base for the evolving digitalization, based on soild craftsmanship and stable values. We remain doing what and how we do it and firmly believe this we lead to future success. Our motto: smat, efficient, forward-thinkiing.

We are the innovIT AG.