Data Center Maintenance



„You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.“
(Antoine de Saint-Exupery, from „the little Prince“)

A data center can only offer the desired availability and keep its operating costs low if all components function in their optimum. With time single components can wear out and be limited in their operability by dirt residues or malfunctions. If a component unexpectedly fails it is important, to mitigate this defect as soon as possible. This should be done by someone who knows your data center. Furthermore, guaranty and warranty for the data center are often linked to the correct maintenance. Therefore regular maintenance of your data center its necessary but also worth its money in every regard.

Basically there are two aspects to data center maintenance: The regular check of the operability, including the exchange of spare parts, on the one side and emergency service on the other side.

It is best to combine both, preventive mainainance to mitigate risks of failure, but also quick access to competent help in case failure could not be prevented.

The regular maintenance contains the inspection of different components in the data center, mainly the housing of rack, cabinet or room, the climate technology, the fire alarm and extinguishing systems and the uninterrupted power supply. Besides the physical or electronic functionality tests it will be assured that all operating instructions are respected, required cleaning work is carried out and liquids are refilled. Spare parts such as sealings or filters will be exchanged according to the desired schedules. The inspection intervals align with the respective manufacturer specifications.

But also with the best maintenance malfunctions can appear unexpectedly. For such cases we have our emergency service which is always available and already knows your data center. We track the your customer service responsible as quickly as possible to resolve the problem with minimal impairment of the IT availability.

In addition to the emergency service we also offer round-the-clock monitoring of your data center so that a malfunction will be recognized also as fast as possible.

We offer these service packages in different compositions. The service you require depends on various factors: Your claims to the IT availability, your own staff resources for such tasks, your own enterprise know-how in regard to IT safety and last but not least the IT budget. Feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to offer you’re an individually suited maintenance package. We take care of IT.


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