Data Center Rental


Data center rental

Although most companies operate their own data center, their are several good reasons to rent one. Therein, one usually distinguishes between temporary and permanent hire.

Companies hiring a data center only temporarily, in principle operate their own data cente. However, they will not be able to use it for the transitional period. The two main reasons are relocation of the data center or technical failure.

Two different technical solutions are possible here: setting up a ready-made container data center or installing a temporary data center in an existing building which will be dismantled after the rental period has elapsed. Especially in the case of an unforeseen failure of one's own data center, the container solution might be the best alternative as it can be assembled quickly and immediately put into operation.

If your company does not wish to run an own data center, it is possible to rent space in an existing data center. This is useful if your company does not have sufficient space or personnel for the operation of a data center in-house, or if monthly rental payment is prefered over a large one-time investment for reasons of liquidity.

This also enhances flexibility as extension of server space is possible at any time without disruptions of service. Here there are two possibilities: so-called server housing (or co-location) and hosting.

In server housing, a place is rented with a provider to place one's own hardware , the so-called co-location space. Thus, your company can benefit from a good data center infrastructure while at the same time being able to customize the hardware used.

In hosting the provider also can offer hardware rental. Hoster usually have data centers that are well secured against failure and thus can ensure high availability. Moreover, qualified staff is operating day and night on site. Finally, the particularly fast connection to the Internet in these data centers should be mentioned, which is particularly beneficial for web shops and other internet marketing channels.

We are happy to adivse you regarding any questions you might have on data center rental. We can help you identify, whether a private or rented data ceneter is more suitable to you and we would be happy to offer different kinds of data centers for your particular company needs.
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