Free Cool Safe


Free Cool Safe

Based on our proven IT-safes, we have developed the FreeCool safe, the first compact data center solution with direct free cooling in the German market. This air-variant uses the cool outside air for cooling. This allows for substantial savings in operating costs to be realized. To date, this technology has been used in large data centers, we have optimized specifically for small rack-based data centers.

Here, the safe will be expanded to the effect that the fire and the flue gas, dust and water tightness of the IT-safe is maintained. The system ensures that the server and storage systems are cooled at the same-constant temperature. In addition, a control system regulates the humidity in the cabinet, so the relevant limits are adhered to.

Nevertheless, the air must be processed prior to entering into the IT-safe and are thereby liberated and filtered of suspended solids. The cleaned air is introduced into the data center, where it takes on the exhaust heat, and is discharged again.

This method is in Germany about 90% of the time one year fully applicable, only in the hottest 10% of the year the air conditioning needs to be supplemented or replaced by additional current-driven cooling.

The fact that the Free CoolSAFE next to the free-cooling system also needs a conventional cooling unit, the investment costs compared to a purely electricity-cooled IT Safe are higher, but these extra costs pay for themselves very quickly in 1-2 years through significant energy cost savings that can make up to 85% compared to pure electricity.

Compared to a conventional IT-safe the FreeCool Safe is also better prepared for a power outage because the runtimes through the UPS are higher by the significantly lower power consumption.

This can possibly no need for a emergency power system with this solution.

We have used this new IT-safe already at various customers. We gladly advise you on how you can use the IT-Safe for smaller IT environments within your company. Furthermore, FreeCool upgrades to existing IT-safes are possible. Don't hesitate to ask us, we'll take care of IT.


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