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Energy management

Increasing prices for energy are constantly increasing the share of operating cost of a data center. Intelligent energy management helps to optimise the consuming components and to identify cost drivers.

Over the past 10-15 years, cost for electrical energy have increased over 10 percent. Therefore when planning / procuring and operating a data center, the operating running cost are just as important as the invest-cost and should be put into consideration.

The reason for data centers to be high energy consumers is depending on many factors. A high share comes from cooling equipment. Depending on the method of cooling there can be high efficiency or a lot of waste.

In the electrical supply and feed infrastructure significant increase in

energy-efficiency can be achieved. For example when using an UPS system which is oversized compared to the need of the components, the effectiveness in the transformation of the electrical current is comparably low, resulting in loss of efficiency. The same counts for inefficient power adapters of IT-components. The exchange for suitable and new adapters can usually quickly be amortised through lower energy cost.

Its worth considering for future changes, e.g. through the use of modular systems that can be adapted individually to the need.

Of course there a further levers to get the efficient data center: Renewal of old components, virtualisation of applications, but also awareness campaigns of personnel. Constant measuring and visualisation of consumption and consumers gives a clear image of the potential levers and helps for constant optimisation.

We support your to implement a suitable energy management. Don't hesitate to approach us and we'll explain the various possibilities.


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