Residual Current Monitoring

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Residual current monitoring

Ensure that the power supply in the data center has no weaknesses and at the same time keep the power consumption in mind? This is only possible with intelligent residual current monitoring.

Many legal provisions currently exist, governing the control and safety of the stream. The Energy Industry Act, the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and accident prevention regulations for electrical systems and operating equipment must be observed and respected.

They control power management and power monitoring power-bound energy. There is no exact prescribed way to implement these rules, but the monitoring and measurement of residual current is a way to use this.

One way to realize this is by means of circuit breaker, known as FI switches, which can trigger appropriate fuses. But this can in many power supplies of IT components, inter alia, sometimes cause leakage currents, cause problems, for example, by false alarms.

A novel solution for monitoring consumption and leakage in the data center are intelligent PDUs, so intelligent busbars that can detect the consumption and error each individual consumer and report to a central system.

It is possible, for example, the generation of individual messages and warnings - with threshold values determined individually for each consumer. This enables early detection of faults in the system.

If you are interested in the possibilities of an intelligent residual current monitoring, you hesitate to contact us, we will help you!


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