Container Data Center


Container data center

A container data center is a data center that is in a container, thus quasi placed anywhere and can also be easily transported. Such containers can also be linked and are characterized overall by particular flexibility. This put them in certain situations, and under special circumstances, a reasonable alternative to a conventional data center.

A container data center is worthwhile only from about 80 rack units of physical servers, storage and Core switches. With a smaller footprint often one or more secure and weatherproof data cabinets, are the cheaper and more efficient choice. Container data center can be operated both as a temporary solution and in continuous use. By means of a short delivery time, emergencies and capacity bottlenecks can be bridged.

By chaining multiple containers also large data centers can be realized, as you can see by the example of Google, its data center is housed in a huge container park.

The easy transportation option, they are ideal for changing locations such as Construction sites. Because in the nearby area usually no fire loads are to be expected, the fire protection value can be set lower than room in space systems in buildings, yet the same physical protection level is achieved. Container data center can also be used in flood areas.

Since container data centers are outdoors, they provide ideal conditions in order to use energy-efficient Air conditioning technologies such as the direct free cooling.

Due to its mobility, the construction time is minimized on site, because the finished data center is simply delivered. A building permit is often not necessary. For the container as a movable asset short depreciation periods can be selected.

We advise you gladly and find the suitable container data center variant. Don’t hesitate to ask us, we’ll take care of IT.


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