Fire Proof Wall and Doors


Fire proof wall and doors

With an IT safe or server room your data center is protected in case of fire. But how about the rest of the building?

Even other areas need increased fire protection, partially due to norms, partially due to operating needs. The requirements for installation of fire robust work type or modules is regulated in the respective building regulations of federal states.

Critical areas for example are important file archives, dangerous goods areas, storage with valuable goods, necessary electrical facilities and wires, rooms with central importance for enterprise continuance and production and primarily also escape routes and gathering/meeting points.

Fire-resistant walls for the separation or delimitation of building sections, are an essential element of the structural fire protection. They help essentially to keep escape route free from flue gases over a certain time and to protect premises and their contents during a fire for persons in case of fire.

Individual protection features of such walls are regulated in norm DIN 4102, such as allowances for maximum temperatures behind the wall, time of the flame impingement, impact loads and the different classes of fire resistance. Fire protection classes for building material from A1 "not combustible" to B3 "easily inflammable" are also described there. The respective fire resistance class consists of the component, for example "F" for the wall and the fire resistance time in minutes. So the concept "F90" stands for a wall which keeps its function during a fire for 90 minutes.

There are special not combustible plates for fire protection which are used to cover the server rooms. They can be instead of normal cover plates and offer many possibilities:

The encasing of racks and cable channels, even whole rooms and corridors or the division of different building sections from each other.

We would like to point out that conventional structural fire protection as mentioned above is not sufficient to protect a data center, since there are much higher requirements regarding maximum temperature and permitted humidity. For data centers a high grade safety room is necessary. We help you choose suitable fire protection products for your building, we also help you in planning of constructional fire safety aspects. Don’t hesitate to ask us, we’ll take care of IT.


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