Aspirating Smoke Detector


Aspirating smoke detector

Aside from passive protection of a data center from external fire, active protection is important particularly with regard to fires arising within the data center. The earlier a fire is discovered, the faster the extinguishing process can be started, the lower the material damage will be limited and the smaller the probability that the IT breaks down.

There are various fire discovering units differ in regard to their function and speed of the discovery. Detection through temperature alarm systems is relatively slow as rising temperatures can only be measured when a fire has already reached a certain size, mostly damages are already done. This method therefore is also described as "fire recognition" because it can only recognize a fire that already developed

By using point-shaped smoke detectors, the moment of the detection can be moved into the smouldering phase of a fire in which the fire is still small and has not yet spread onto the surroundings. Within a certain radius around the sensor these detectors can recognize flue gases in the air. This method is described as a "early fire detection".

To cover a room completely, these smoke detectors must be arranged in order to close gaps between monitoring ranges.

By using smoke absorbing systems, a fire can already be discovered in its emergence phase. The system can also visually recognize smoke in the air, in this case however, air is actively sucked in through a pipe system and conducted to the detector. Moreover, the optical sensor is so sensitive that even small concentrations can be discovered. This way, smoke reaches the sensor faster.

Also, less fire sensors are required since the air is drawn in at different points and is accumulated for detection at one sensor. This method is also described as a "earliest fire detection" because it discovers a fire already in its earliest development phase and therefore offers best chances for its extinguishing.

The fire detection only makes sense in connection with an extinguishing plant which stops the arising fire fast and effectively. Whether the extinguishing system is triggered automatically or manually by an employee or remote service has to be decided by the data center responsible in regards to their special requirements

We would like to support you finding the optimal fire detection- and protection solution for your data center. No matter whether in a new facility or an existing data center, we assist you at the development and installation of a reliable active fire protection. Don’t hesitate to ask us. We’ll take care of IT.


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