Precision Air Conditioning


Precision air conditioning

Precision Air conditioning units are especially designed for the needs of IT. They are planned for continuous operation on 365 days of the year and can regulate room temperature and atmospheric humidity precisely. In addition they filter air and can produce high cooling capacity when required; therefore they can quickly react to unexpected temperature fluctuations. In comparison to conventional Air conditioning units they have the advantage to be more reliable, more exact and also more energy efficient. Beside higher security for the IT hardware they also offer an advantage in regular operating costs.

The cupboard sized systems are available in different sizes and performance-capacities. In principle they can be divided in two categories: Up flow and Down flow equipment. A down flow device absorbs the room air from the top, cools it and provides fresh cold air below or in front. An Up flow device operates in reverse direction.

Precision Air conditioning units pass warmth of absorbed air from the data center onto cooling medium, cryogen or water. Cryogen systems are easier to install and more convenient in acquisition, therefore primarily recommendable for smaller data centers with lower heat release rate.

Cold water systems have the advantage to be more versatile, meaning the Air conditioning unit can be easier adapted to different working conditions in data centers. Also more energy efficient methods for cold water production can be implemented, such as indirect free cooling, geothermal cooling or adiabate cooling. Independent of the actual cooling capacity those systems are more expensive in investment and are primarily useful for larger data centers.

As a rule, precision Air conditioning units are used in connection with cooling above a raised floor. The cold air is conducted into the raised floor under the data center, reaches the data center through ventilation slits. In this case only Down flow equipment is recommendable which can pass the cold air into the raised floor below.

A clearly increased efficiency of the degree of effectiveness of such an Air conditioning systems can be reached by cold or hot aisle compartmentalization.

The corridors are divided alternately into warm and cold corridors. Cold air is supplied to the racks through the cold corridors and warm air is transported away through the warm corridors. Mixing of warm and cold airstreams is avoided and cooling capacity is used more efficiently for cooling of racks.

When choosing the Air conditioning system different parameters have to be taken into account, it is also important to match the air conditioning solution with the complete conception of the data center. Only a cooling solution optimally matched guarantees a maximum safety and lowest possible operating costs. Don’t hesitate to ask us, we’ll take care of IT.


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