Unified deployment model for IT infrastructures solves complex requirements: Co-Premise Computing" for my data center
Evolution of the IT infrastructure urgently needed!

The dilemma: Rapid growth in data processing through digitilization.

The increasing digitalization of business models and processes is increasingly fostering the complexity of IT requirements. A large number of influencing factors make the long-term planning of resources for IT more and more difficult. And: no one knows exactly where the journey is going - is Cloud going out again soon?

The challenge to the management of IT infrastructures is to solve seemingly insoluble opposites: long-term budgets and planning cycles versus ultra-fast IT provisioning cycles are also a target conflict, as is the fact that infrastructures are always seen as a necessary commodity service for the provision of computer resources.

As a result, the more flexibly, cost-effectively, and faster infrastructures can be created and managed, the better these can be scaled to different requirements. Thus a focus of the resources on the value-relevant applications is necessary. There is therefore a need not to provide standardized services and basic technologies with their own resources.

Typically, IT managers then choose either to outsource the data center to the cloud or to an operator of colocation data centers. In both cases, however, this means that the data center is no longer in the company's hands. However, this results in consequences for the sovereignty and security of the data as well as a dependence on third parties, which is associated with costs and risk.

The idea: Infrastructure follows compute power

Intelligent infrastructures are solving these, in addition to the well-known topics of colocation and cloud, the third mainstay contributes to the stability of the IT environment: the data center on the ground. The infrastructure is provided where the computer capacity is required.

With the co-premise computing model of innovIT360 AG, customers agree on the security, availability and resource efficiency of an on-site solution with the advantages of a cloud infrastructure. In a usage-based billing model, customers are able to flexibly handle their respective needs for computer resources without sacrificing the luxury of a completely separate infrastructure.

This is the basic idea of the new model: demand-oriented, innovative data center solutions at the customer's premises are made available as part of a "pay as you use" model. The data center capacities not required by the customer are used by a managed cloud environment, which is available as a growth resource in the real-time as a priority for the local company.

The advantages: Maximum flexibility and security at a reduced cost.

Economically and ecologically, the disadvantages of individual deployment models are eliminated in the combination of all three fields: maximum utilization and efficiency of the resources in the enterprise are accompanied by complete flexibility for the customer in the use of his data center environment.
"While in the typical scenario the provider of a product tries to best meet the needs of the customer with the available resources, the model of co-premise computing is already turning the way into thinking: Which solution offers the best demand coverage and best use all existing resources? In my opinion, this is the optimal combination of resources and benefits and is a major innovation in contrast to traditional deployment models for IT infrastructure capacity, "said Frank Zachmann, CEO of innovIT360 AG. "Customers and prospective customers perceive this idea as an opportunity to finally escape the devil's circle of decision-making between outsourcing and dependency and to develop and realize an economically attractive solution under their own direction - a triple-win scenario of all."

innovIT AG takes 1st Place at the German Data Center Prize
After winning the prize in 2012 already, we won the 1st prize at the Deutscher Rechenzentrumspreis 2017 (German Data Center Prize). This time we won the category "Holistic IT and FM Projects in Data Centers".

Our chairman of the board Joerg Tennigkeit, our board members Anke Tennigkeit, Frank Zachmann and our head of sales Anja Reuter have been excited on their ride to the festive Gala in Frankfurt already. They already knew that innovIT AG is amongst the first three places of the category. That's why the mood was great before we found out which of the three places we took.

They enjoyed the great Gala event. When it finally came to the announcement of winners within our category we suddenly found that we have won the first prize!

We are very happy and honored about the prize and will give everything to continue developing innovative products and solutions.
CeBIT 2017
innovIT AG sets new Standards in Data Center Construction

The German Data Center Manufacturer innovIT AG has been at the 2017 CeBIT again and introduced the new generation of InnoSAFES for the first time ever.

Besides the established features the further development convinces with innovative technical extensions and a facelift. The new InnoSAFES impress by providing more space at nearly the same size. They offer highest efficiency at least space.

These "space miracles" can optionally be equipped with our innovative cooling systems. Sustainability and efficiency play an important role here. By individual analyzes we can find the best possible saving potentials. The solutions amortize within shortest time by themselves.

InnovIT AG plans, builds and maintains your data center - worldwide. All solutions and services come from one single source. By doing so the your technology receives all necessary maintanances and the replacement of wear parts.

innoSAFE new generation
The innovIT AG would like to remain faithful to the idea of manufactory. In every really good manufactory, however, also routinely and effective procedures are chosen. In this regard, innovIT AG is committed to the improvement and optimization of the innoSAFE line.

The focus of the improvement was a lighter weight, technically optimized dimensions and, above all, that much more technology is to be accommodated in the innoSAFE. Overall, the improvements have yielded so many advantages that economic benefits for the customer have also evolved.

Combined with the strategy "everything from a single source", the new product line brings innovIT AG into a responsive and competent initial situation, which is necessary to meet the requirements of customers, IT and the legislator.
The innovIT AG at Cebit 2016
Around 3,300 exhibitors from 70 countries make Cebit the largest IT trade fair in the world. Self evident that innovIT AG is also represented here.

With the topic "d!conomy: join - create - succeed" the exhibitors showed at a rapid pace the digital transformation has conquered all areas of the economy. Oliver Frese, CEO of Deutsche Messe AG, sees the great task at the beginning of the digital age in the shaping of the economic and political framework conditions "with regard to data security and privacy". He continues: "Anyone who wants to maintain their position in a highly dynamic market environment must take the chances of digital transformation."

For Jörg Tennigkeit, CEO of innovIT AG, Cebit is the highlight of the year. "Our highly available data centers offer the highest level of security and maximum energy efficiency. Our highly efficient cooling concepts are based on sustainability and environmental protection. With our modular container data centers and our IT-safes, we offer individual solutions for every company. "

The innovative innovIT FreeCoolSafe, which promises maximum availability in compact IT environments with low space requirements, attracted attention at the innovIT booth this year. The solution not only reduces the operating costs, but also helps saving the environment, for companies.

In retrospect, Jörg Tennigkeit is more than satisfied with the fair appearance in March 2016: "We have been able to create exciting new contacts with which great projects can be realized in the near future. Our FreeCoolSafe was very popular with the trade fair visitors. We received great feedback and interesting thoughts. At CeBIT 2017 we are definitely back!"
New system for energy management in data centers
Just now, innovIT AG has successfully completed a research project with HEMS Darmstadt in order to make the control of data centers even more effective. A team of electrical engineers and their professors developed a new control technology in close cooperation with the company. The result is an integrated data center control system and DCIM solution, which meets the requirements of DIN ISO EN 50001 for energy management systems and makes the operation of data centers even more efficient.

The introduction and further development of such control systems is not only worthwhile with regard to operating costs, but is also worthwhile by a new law amendment: green electricity reimbursements according to the EEG can only be obtained in the future who has implemented such a control system. innovIT AG now has the innovative and up-to-date control solution for every data center.
New production site in Bad Marienberg
The innovIT AG relocates her production site to Bad Marienberg in the Westerwald. On 2,000 square meters IT-safes and container data centers will be manufactured in the future. Additional areas are used to store components for data centers. In addition, the teams for planning and assembly are brought together at one location. As a result, news from the development can be converted more quickly into innovative products.

The move now provides sufficient space for the production of high-quality IT solutions. Especially the production of the innoCONTAINER requires a lot of space. Especially since innovIT AG is one of the leading providers of container data centers and innovative system solutions for data centers in this area, the innovIT AG is constantly preparing for the future with this change of location.
Tested quality, energy efficiency and high availability - container data centers from innovIT AG
Independent testing by third parties is the best way for our customers to get a proof of the quality and safety of our products. The innoCONTAINER, the compact outdoor data center, was tested by VdS at our customer VW AG and found to be particularly safe. The VdS is a test institute recognized for decades with the focus on fire protection and intrusion safety. The container data center, developed by innovIT AG, has been certified by this independent institute to be particularly leakproof and to meet all fire protection requirements.

This is not only important in the event of damage, that smoke gases, water or moisture should not be able to penetrate the data center. Even during operation, this ensures that the data center is always protected against weather influences, even if it is not integrated in a fixed building. This shows that a modern container data center, as developed by innovIT AG, offers optimal IT protection.

This compact data center also makes the unique combination of direct free cooling and high-quality fire protection. Hybridcooling is an innovative climate control system developed by innovIT AG for data centers, which works with the outside air and is therefore environmentally friendly and energy-saving (PUE 1.06 350 days a year). Only in the innoCONTAINER, this technology is offered in combination with a comprehensive fire protection, which ensures fire safety for 90 minutes in the event of a fire. This is made possible by the innovative fire protection system from innovIT AG.

With its customer VW AG, innovIT AG is pleased with this very positive test result and takes this as an incentive to continue to develop new solutions and approaches in the data center technology and bring them to market maturity.